What all data points about the end user can be fetched if it's redirected to web widget from a WhatsApp push notification

Business Goal: Customer is aspiring to increase its mobile app download (App available only in Android) in their end users mobiles.

  • For this customer wants to know what mobile operating system and its version end users are having in their devices…because customer’s mobile app can be downloaded/supported into Android 5 (Lollipop) and above OS, once they have this information, customer can nudge the end users via multiple channels.

  • Also is it possible to map end users uniquely when they are hoping their journey from whatsApp to web-widget ?

  • Is there any risk/security compliance need to be followed or not in this due course. Please guide.


In this scenario,

  • To get a better understanding, what is the expectation in how yellow as a conversational AI platform fits into this exercise of sourcing this information? Is this info expected to be sourced when the user has their conversations with yellow?

  • Yes, you can use the channel filter node in the bot flow to switch journeys based on channel.

  • Will get this checked.