Push Notifications

Scenario- Once the ticket gets connected to live agent and if the users goes away from his/her device and at that time when the agent sends any message to the user. The user should get a notification sound normal floating/ push notification to get notified that agent has send a message(As we get in WhatsApp when we are away from the device or we have closed the application.)

How can we achieve this one using Push notification if YES then please mention the steps??

@akshay_bhat can you please help

@Harsh_Batham Is this for website widget, or mobile sdk?

@akshay_bhat this is For mobile SDK

@Harsh_Batham We support Push notifications on Anroid, and iOS SDKs.
You can refer to following documentation for setup:
Android: Android Chatbot SDK | yellow.ai
iOS: iOS Chatbot SDK | yellow.ai
FAQs #5 and #6 - Mobile SDK FAQs | yellow.ai

cc: @Sangeetha_R