Will publishing the bot from sandbox to staging includes the chat widget changes?

Hi @Sankalp_Gupta,

Just a quick question. When we publish the whole bot from sandbox to staging environment, Will the Chat Widget related changes gets published as well?

Hi @Amudhan_S
using the publish widget styling option, you can publish the chat widget UI settings from lower to higher environment. Please refer to the below doc:

Hey @Bhargavi_Chinnappa,

I understand that By making use of “Publish widget styling” option, we can publish the Chat Widget changes from Lower to Higher Environment.

However my question here is, If i have published the whole bot, by selecting “Publish Bot” (Publishes all flows within the bot) option, Will the Chat Widget changes as well, get published from Lower to Higher Environment (or) Not?

@Sankalp_Gupta, Can you check and confirm on this?


When you choose the Publish Bot option, it only publishes changes related to the bot. Widget changes, such as Widget panel, Bot Icon, and all the settings, need to be published separately by selecting the Publish Widget Styling option.

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