Not able to publish to Staging as I have 3 different bots for 3 environments

There are 3 bots with different environments as shown in the below screenshot.

I guess when I created new bot with Sharan-IndexNine-bot name and Partenrs(6050) subscription, it created 3 different bots for all 3 environments instead of a single bot with all environments in it

Additionally, I have encountered another issue while attempting to integrate Facebook Messenger on the Sandbox environment.

After adding the Facebook page and enabling the bot, I can see that the bot is connected to the Facebook page.

However, when I refresh the page, the Connected Facebook pages disappear.

Apologies, as a new user I was not allowed to add more than 1 screenshot

Screenshot after adding FB messenger

emailId -
Name - Sharan Kumar
Bot name - Sharan-IndexNine-bot

Thanks in advance!

Here is the screenshot of, After regreshing the page Connected Facebook Messenger get cleared