Quick Replies doesn't work

Hello Pratik.

Can you check and help me with my flow.

Quick reply node in below snapshot is not working properly.

Every time, I try to select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ it trigger fall back journey instead of moving forward.
Below snapshot of node and preview testing.

Actually, it was working fine, but not sure what happened suddenly at it has acting weirdly.

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Hey @Murtuza_Jeeranwala
Can you please share your bot ID and bot access with me at pratik@yellow.ai? I need to have a look at the journey flow before I can help you further.

Hi Pratik,

Thanks I have invited you to access my bot.

Kindly accept the same and you can have look by yourself.


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I haven’t received any invite yet. Can you please share the bot ID and bot name with me? Let me check if I already have access to the bot.

Hi Pratik,

BOT ID: https://cloud.yellow.ai/bot/x1652937338257

BOT Name: Hi! This is Mike

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It seems like you forgot to store the response of the QR prompt in a variable. I’ve fixed it and it’s working fine now.

Hello Pratik,

I was wondering why do we need to save response in a variable.

I just want user to select yes or no and move forward in required direction.

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By default, the response of a prompt needs to be saved in a variable.