ADFS setup - need to pass user details via bot payload and authenticate using AD

This is how our ADFS setup is currently:

  1. On prem ADFS server version 4.0
  2. Application vendors generally share a XML file using which the ADFS is configured

Goal - Our bot when accessed within the network, should authenticate with the AD and post that with minimal or no user input it should be able to get the profile details of the logged in user as well without the user having to enter his username and password.

Please guide on how to achieve the same.


If you’re already performing a platform level login and have all the necessary info, you can take that data and pass it into the bot dynamically via the bot payload. This way user details can be directly fetched without explicitly asking the user for this info.

This payload can be passed on page load and pulled into the bot flow using the format {{profile.payload.fieldName}}

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