User details in manually raised ticket

Hi, I’m wondering if there’s anything we can do so that our support agent sees user variables in a manually raised ticket? Even just the email would be enough. (i.e. the user didn’t raise a ticket, but the support agent sees in “Bot messages” section that they can help the user, so they convert that chat into a ticket - but they can’t see the variables from payload that would normally be seen if the user raised the ticket themselves).

Hi Tim,

The support agent will be able to see the chats between the bot and the user. If the user had shared the email with the bot he can pick from their.

Please let me know if this solves your Query.

Thanks, but it doesn’t really solve the query. I’m looking for a solution which goes beyond that and allows our support team to effectively help Every user. Please understand that every user who interacts with our bot has already signed in to our app with an account made on our system, so it’s strange that we can’t see/access all data about each user, there is no need here for anonymity, and the yellow features designed to provide security and anonymity in this case create an obstacle for effective customer support.

One solution I thought of is that the bot could print the user email or ID number (retrieved via payload) early in the chat flow so it’s always available if the agent scrolls to the top of the chat. It’s a good solution because it doesn’t require the user to do anything. It’s a bad solution because it doesn’t fit naturally into many of our flows (bot has multiple starting points depending on where in our app the user opens it). So it looks clumsy and disrupts the user’s experience.

Ideally I’m looking for a solution which allows our support team to understand which user they’re dealing with in a ticket raised by the team (not by the user), which doesn’t require any user info to be printed or requested in a flow.

Hi team,

Can anyone from inbox look into this?

Hey @Tim ,

every user who interacts with our bot has already signed in to our app with an account made on our system, so it’s strange that we can’t see/access all data about each user,

This is something that we are actively working on, to provide more context about the customers, their history, their issues to the agent for them to provide a good support experience. We are expecting to go live with this by April [next month]. This would solve your problem ideally.

For now, can you share what is your daily chat volume? Out of this, How often are your agents raising chats from Bot Messages?

Hi Sandeep,

This sounds promising, I’d be interested to hear more about the sorts of solutions/features you’re developing for this.

Right now we’re just settling in to our account and working out the best way for us to use it. In the last few days the bot has run approx 850 sessions per day, agents have handled approximately 100 tickets per day, of which approximately 25 were started from bot chats. We anticipate the total bot sessions and agent tickets going up as we create additional bot entry points within our app, but anticipate the percentage of tickets raised by our agents from bot chats to go down as we improve the bot responses.

In fact, our agents have found the process of reviewing bot chats and making some of them into tickets to be very time consuming and uncomfortable within the provided interface, so they may stop doing this for now altogether. I’d be happy to tell more about what our agents find difficult or uncomfortable about the interface (not only with regard to chats raised from bot messages), but perhaps it requires a separate thread, or even an email/call.

Hey Tim,

Sure, I will share mockups here in this thread for your reference once we have something tangible.

We’d also suggest to minimise the need for your agents to go manually raise chats. Creating good bot conversation flows will help solve this problem. Do let us know if you still find the need to raise chats manually by your agents.

I’d be delighted to hear your feedback on using our platform so far. We’ll see what we can do to help solve your difficulties. You can reach me at