Authentication Tokens on Whatsapp Bots

Are there any authentication tokens passed when the Yellow’s bot deployed on Whatsapp is sending an API call request ?

No, there is no authentication possible on WhatsApp.
Curious though, why would you need authentication on WhatsApp considering it’s tied to a specific receiver number

I guess since the authentication is possible on Website based bots. There was a general query that is there anything similar available also on Whatsapp channel.

The main reason to authenticate on channels like web and mobile is to retrieve prior chat history of that user.

On WhatsApp, the user always has that history on their phone and can simply scroll up to perform this action.

If the usecase is to validate and retrieve some data for a specific user, best way would be to fetch the end users mobile number using {{sender}} and then fetching all other relevant data for this user using user360

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