Maintaining Continuity across channel for a particular user

Needed some input on CHATbot continuity across channels.
if user start journey on WA bot in morning and coms back on Web bot and logs in with same number. The conversation should continue at same point where user left on WA.

is it even feasible on chatbots?


How would this work out?

  1. A conversation happens over whatsapp with back and forth text between the user and the bot
  2. When a user comes to Web, are you expecting all the messages that happen on whatsapp to appear in the web-widget window?

Additionally, how would the counter work

  1. user has conv on web
  2. when they go to whatsapp, there would be a lot of messages populated in their whatsapp chat window?

We can maintain data across channels using user360, but moving actual chat messages across channels wouldn’t really be possible.
With user360, we can maintain a single userID that has a conversation so that the bot can have context across all channels in terms of variables, values.

Eg: if you share your email over whatsapp, you can set the value for your user360 record. If set, later on, if a conversation happens over web, you can fetch this email id. Hence, context is maintained.

Hey Ajeet,
Here are the 2 use cases that the client might be asking for:

  1. Replicating chat history on multiple channels (WhatsApp + Web Bot) for the same user → This is something that is not technically feasible from WhatsApp’s end and neither is it compliant.
  2. Resuming the journey where the user dropped off last → This is feasible through User360:
    • Start Identifying users in builder by setting their userId. If channel is WhatsApp (userId=sender), if channel is Web Bot, we can ask the user for their number and store it in userId. You can read more on this here

    • Once we start identifying users on multiple channels, we can have 2 sessions on WhatsApp and Web Bot pointing to the same user360 record (explained in the doc shared above)

    • In user360, create a property called lastJourney.

    • Whenever a user enters a journey, ie, at the beginning of the journey, set this property to the journey name. Whenever the journey ends, flush this property

    • By implementing the above,for every user we’ll know which journey they dropped off from, if any. This data can be used to re-trigger that journey when they visit the bot again, irrespective of the channel