Bot not responding after the welcome message

I have created multiple journeys on the bot, but after the welcome message the bot is not responding.

I can see in the analysis section the bot is responding but on the studio orchestrator the bot is not responding.

Also created the jira ticket for reference: Log in with Atlassian account
Bot id: x1668151159869
Subscription id: YM-Shell_In-20317

Attaching screenshots for reference:

Hey @Vaseem_Kolyari can delete the quick reply node once and create the new one and re - trained the bot once again and then try it.

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Hi @Vaseem_Kolyari

Has @Jayesh_Rana 's workaround helped? Simply replacing the QR node with a new one.

I tried @Jayesh_Rana but its still its not working.

Nope the bot is still not responding.

alright, the respective product team will reach out to you on the internal ticket to close this out.