The bot is not sending quick reply options

Hi we encountered an issue with our chatbot. There are times that the bot will not respond which causes the user to be stuck.

After greeting the user we’re sending menu options (using Quick Reply node) but it seems the user is not receiving the quick reply options.

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Please write to and share the above details along with your botID a dedicated support person to handle such bugs as there is very limited debugging we can provide at a community level.

As part of sanity checks, I do want to ask

  • What channel have you deployed on
  • Can you share a screeshot of the flow / welcome message where you’re greeting followed by quick reply
  • The message you’re observing for “sorry…” is the fallback message — which gets triggered when the bot doesn’t understand the user’s input. Are any Quick Reply nodes expected to be shown there. if so, I’ll suggest you share a screenshot for that as well