Bot not working in FB and Telegram

I am trying to deploy my production bot in FB and telegram . It is showing connected but its not displaying messages. Although its working fine in Yellow AI production studio .

what happens when you type something on FB/Telegram

its going to fallback .but not in yellow production studio


Can you share what you’ve configured as a welcome message

Which flow is this supposed to trigger

It should first go to Welcome message then from there it should nvigte to User registration Flow

As you can see in test bot I am getting welcome message and first message if user registration flow

Got it

@Nistha , the welcome message will not work on a channel like FB, cause the channel cannot proactively start messaging a user (unlike our website chatbots) — the same goes for telegram.

These conversations must always start with user input like “Hi”.

Now the task becomes, to trigger the User registration flow when a user types “hi” or “start”
For this, you’ll need to create an intent and set it to the start of the flow

What is an intent
Add intent
Set this in the flow

So you can simply create an Intent called “greeting a user”
with utterances as “hi”, “hey”, “hello” and then train the bot

then set the intent in your user registration flow

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