My bot doesn't work with the telegram and messenger. The flow is not getting triggered

I am not able to connect my bot with the telegram and facebook messenger, eventhough i followed the exact steps, I couldn’t work it. Please help me with this

Can you share the error screenshot here? What error you are getting when you trying to connect it.

Yes, I have attached it below. I have attached the telegram bot api screenshot. Its not triggering the flow. The flow is working in preview bot but its not getting triggered in telegram and facebook messenger.

When designing the bot have you switched the channel for FB and Telegram.?
Or you have only created it for a web bot. Please cross-check it once.

I have created under the channel category

Hey, @Rajaram can you share the bot access with me at

Yes, sure. I will share the access

Your email id , to give access?

I have shared the access with you, could you check it?

You have given me only production access.

Telegram bot username : @Foodie_innbot
Facebook messenger : Foodie Inn

Once again , I have shared the access with you , in Sandbox

The telegram bot username that you have given to me is of sandbox or of production?

I have connected the bot to my telegram using production

Telegram is also connected to the sandbox as well.
I need a username for the account that is added to the sandbox.