Can we schedule a daily report of bot analytics(default and custom tables) to client's CDP?

Use Case- User engagement bot on WhatsApp which helps you to listen to audio jokes. The entire DB is being handled at our end; no API integrations.


Now, the client wants us to send a daily update to their internal CDP with various data metrics like the number of unique users, name, email id, number of jokes listened to, location of access, options clicked, dropped off steps, etc. I understand all of this can be captured using events, but can we send a daily update to their CDP using a scheduler for all these metrics?

They have shared the API documentation of their CDP. It’s a REST API with PUSH method for sending data.

There is no direct way to implement this.

However, a workaround I can think of is to send this data into a local yellow database.

Then run a scheduled event everyday for 24hrs
Event gets triggered (eg: everyday 11pm) and pull out the data from the table and send this data into your CDP