Client is asking for a graphical representation of the Dealer/Retailer's current sales use case

The client is expecting this type of representation on the sales info in the web bot. Is there any way to achieve this? If not please suggest any other alternatives for the same on our platform.
This we are looking for WhatsApp and Website channels.
Can someone help us with the approach?

@akshay_bhat could you please suggest here?

Namaste @Samyuktha_G

We do not support graphs within chatbots as it does not provide ideal experience (as seen in the screenshot). We instead suggest to provide CTA link to redirect users to page where such graphs are available. Can you let us know the use case so that we can evaluate further?

Sure, below is the use case.
We have 2 options as wholesale and self-sale for the Dealer. When the user clicks on wholesale we get the list of retailer details with sales details based on date range selection.
Like the above graph, can we display the total value at the top and display retailer names along with their MTD, QTD, YTD values?

Hi @akshay_bhat any updates on this? The client is still raising the same concern.

@Samyuktha_G please use Jira to raise feature requests, as per SOP

Sure @akshay_bhat have raised Jira ticket for the same, thanks