Conversational Logs nd live streaming of logs are removed? could someone help here on the reasons behind that

Hi team, i have two concerns, recently we have removed the live streaming of logs in production env, so we are not able to see the live events/logs happening behind the scenes. Causing a lot of overhead and pressure for the engineers working on it.
As downloading and going through backlog data should be an option and not the only solution. it is very hard to go through those log files as they large in size and no proper streaming tools support our inbuild logs streaming type format.

  1. Secondly we have enabled a new option of enable logs in analysis → conversational logs section, where if and only if we enable then only we are seeing step by step movement , so here also we are not able to track down the process.

Reason being , is that by the time you enable it and wait , the data is already gone or the logs takes very long time to come. Moreover i have to manually enable it for a user, rather it should be global default option on the conversational logs page. so that i can check for any chat/conversation from starting what happened/why/when.