Discrepency in total users count in Master bot

Hi team,
A query here,
For one of the alstom bots-
The master bot has users count of 2207 in dashboard - time stramp -Sep 1 2022 - March 5 2023
But when we check in data explorer through (Message events)query the count is 2196 for the same timestramp
And when we export the raw data and analyse it in excel it is giving the count as 2232 for the timestramp.

Can anyone help me with the correct data?

Hi @Chidhigi_Shravani , can you let us know how the data is analysed in excel, on what basis are you grouping the data ?

I m just removing the duplicates UID to get the unique UID count.
Grouping the data - Message type -user

Instead of counting the data on Message Type, can you count the data on distinct uid ?

Yeah that is how i m summarizing the data , based on the distinct UID-
And we need to apply filter based on Message Type - user. because we only need the users count

Understood, See if you have selected the below options under summarise as shown in the image I have attached.

If you have selected the same option and data is stll not matching, then pls raise a ticket. Also try with a smaller date range once and see for example for the last one month.

Sure @Harshin_Balaji