Display image and text in a single node

Can we display text and image in a single node.

Currently, the preview image and text are showing in separate tiles with spaces in between them. We want it to be displayed in a single node.

Have tried to display them in a single node, but the image node is taking only the image URL.

Hey @Srinivas you try it by using Message carousel and in that add the image and remove the buttons from their.

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Hi @Jayesh_Rana
Thanks this works for PWA.

For achieving this you can use below snippet: Store the function response in var of type array and connect it to a message carousel node and use the fetch from option. Attached screenshot for your reference.

return new Promise(resolve => {
let cars_cards = [];
"image": "https://cdn.yellowmessenger.com/ge4malroGcAN1594658356529.png",
"text": "Place to add text message",
console.log("------------------after Entering the for lop----------------------------")
return resolve(cars_cards);

Output looks like this

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