Error while publishing the bot

I am getting this error while publishing the bot from Sandbox to Staging


Hey @Chetan_Kumar because you not added anything in the general fallback of the bot.
To add this go home over there you can fallback and add to fallback.

I tried adding this, but it is not being configured in the fallback. May I know the where it went wrong?

Hey, @Chetan_Kumar can you share the bot access with me at

I have given access to bot. you should have rerceived a mail in the name of damu

Hey, @Chetan_Kumar have you previously removed/delete any fallback journey from the bot…?

No. I have simply changed from the staging environment to sandbox and I have created a simple flow. When I try to publish the bot. I am getting the above fallback errors.

Please delete all the intents that you have imported and delete them. Again add them and re-train the bot again.
Then this issue will be fixed.