Unwanted text displayed in the whatsapp message

When we use the bot after 2-3 days and try to select an option a random message is concatenated and displayed which is not in the flow.

As shown in the screenshot above , below is the extra message

  1. This is a sample journey of Lead Generation flow with the leads getting stored in the Lead object of the YellowDB. You can customize the lead details as per your business need.

How to fix this?

@Shiva_Singhal, All the variable values which we use on the bot will get expired in 2 days.

Hence after 2 days, If user types a word or sentence, which is a trained utterance on the bot, then the bot will trigger that flow.

If not, By Default, it will trigger the fallback flow which is configured on the bot.

@Amudhan_S , Where is the fallback flow and how to edit this message?

You can create a new Flow (or) You can use an existing flow as well to use as fallback flow.

Go to Studio → Select the 3 dots at the end of the required flow. And then select “Mark as fallback” option.

Check out the following screenshot for reference:

Once you do so, This selected fallback flow will get executed when the bot doesn’t understand the user Input.

Let me know if you face any issues on implementing the same, @Shiva_Singhal

Hi @Amudhan_S, still getting the same message, issue not resolved.
Screenshot for the reference.

Give me this bot access to my email ID. Let me check the bot flow and then I will put my comment here, @Shiva_Singhal

Hey @Shiva_Singhal,

Thanks for sharing the bot access. “Suggestions” Functionality have been enabled for the Bot.

Since the NLP Training on the bot is minimal, The bot was suggesting the wrong flows.

To Learn more about this “Suggestions” Functionality, Please refer this document

I am attaching the screenshots of this this “Suggestions” Functionality option.

I have disabled the “Suggestions” option.

And this seems to solve your issue.

Please let me know if you have any questions on the same.