Unable to set fallback message

Can you share what you’re configuring in fallback?

Can you delete the execute flow

@gautham can we connect and learn from you.

When I am trying to add fallback msg it is giving me error. I am using sandbox and even the chatbot is not working for testing the flow. I am written small flow for asking name, email and phone, but chatbot is not working.

Hey, @pawan_kumar have you deleted some journeys from the bot.?

@Jayesh_Rana No, Jayesh

Hey @pawan_kumar can you give me access at jayesh.rana@yellow.ai

I have given access, you have a received a mail in the name of Damu.

@Jayesh_Rana Hi, Jayesh Still not able to do it.

I believe you have deleted all the journeys from the bot first and then you have created some new journeys and also I believe you have tried to import some journeys from production or staging to sandbox and during this some how you have deleted the fallback configured journey.

Please help me to reconfigure it.

@gautham @Jayesh_Rana Please help me to reconfigure my fallback.