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i have activated my chatbot on Facebook messenger channel, It’s working not properly. When I choose a particular options after that, Carousel card Node should trigger as per my flow. But it’s not triggering.

Can you share access with gautham.menon@yellow.ai

Additionally, please mention the name of the flow and a screenshot would be a great headstart


Hi @gautham
Please check once, I gave access to you.

Flow->Change language->BookRoom (Bot Name - OrderFood)
Facebook Bot Name: Thegrandhotelchatbot

Hi @Aishwarya.Gandhi

in FBM, we don’t support the action of directly triggering a flow from a button. This is a UI change we’ll work on in the coming weeks. Thanks for highlighting it!!

Instead, you can pass the button title as check this out and pass the text message as an intent value that triggers this journey. The end user will simply see the message Check this out

As can be seen in the screenshot of FBM, the end user will just see the message Check this out, but we’ve automatically redirected to a new flow based on the intent set up.

Happy bot building!!

Date picker also not triggering after adding entities to make prompt smarter.Is datepicker also not working in FB messenger?

Yes, certain nodes aren’t compatible with certain channels purely because the channel doesn’t support the UI.
Eg: Date picker UI won’t be present on FBM or Whatsapp as they would need to have the UI to support it.

However, we do recommend splitting the question of date and month. Alternatively, you can ask the user to enter start and end date in a specific format DD-MM-YYYY and then set the date from your end.

We’re working on improving the omni-channel experience to handle these nodes across all channels.


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@gautham Thank you for quick solution.
Took input’s from user for FBM according to SenderID condition.