FAQs Event handle

We have more than 300 questions, and we want the bot to trigger a specific journey when it receives a response from the FAQ section. So is there any event that triggers the specific flow? These questions will increase as per client requirements.


Could you please walk us through your usecase? Could you provide more information about the specific journey you’re aiming to create? This will help us in assisting you better.

Cc @Aakanksha_Jain

Suppose a user asks a question, and the bot replies from the FAQ section. Now we need to ask whether they have any other questions, which is built into the journey.

So we have created a new flow called “other question”. We can execute the flow from the FAQ section after the response.

Suppose we have more than 300 FAQs that we will import from the template, and for all 300 questions, we need to trigger “other question flow”. So either we need to create a column in the template or build an event to trigger the flow after the response.

Something like this automatically