File validator issue

Hello, i have a situation where the file prompt is not returning “Attachment” whenever the validator fail. We have 2 environments, our dev environment is fine and it looks like this

file upload → validator fails → ask user again to reupload → Attachment shows
(sorry i cant attached more than 1 file since I am a new member)

but on our staging environment however, this happens
file upload → validator fails → ask user again to reupload → Attachment missing

What could be the possible explanation to this?

If the bot has been published after making changes in the dev environment, this should be working as expected.

Can you share the validator and filetype of the upload.

this is the validator setup

for advance option, the size limit is 5MB and the supported file type is jpg & png

Couple of sanity checks I can recommend

Is the file being stored in a string?

Step1: After the File Prompt add a Text Node
Step2: inside the text node print —— url: {{variables.yourVariableName}}
Step3: Test out the same and verify if the URL is getting printed or not

Are you getting the URL in the text node?

If file is valid, yes. but on this screenshot i notice that when I also try to reupload (go back to FIle Prompt node) the attachment is also missing

Maybe this happens when calling/going to file prompt twice. I think it shouldn’t be but this is the case i guess

Unfortunately, publishing from dev environment to staging does not fix the problem.

@gautham please help HCIN with the query here

@jacruz04 @Bodhayan

Considering the basic sanity checks have been done.

This is a bug, please raise a support ticket and a dedicated POC will be able to provide support on this