Hackathon Team Formation

Hello Hackers,

Please comment below in this thread if you’re interested in forming your team and those who want to join another team can reply to them in the comments or direct message them in private.

If you’ve any questions regarding the hackathon please feel free to comment here on this thread.

Thank you!

Pratik Parmar
Developer Evangelist

Hello everyone I am here to form a team if any one are interested comment below


Hello there,

I am looking for a team mate, let us work together!

Can u message me in personal will discuss about the Idea. I don’t know how to text in person not finding the option

Hii everyone,
I am looking for a team!
if anyone interested ping me.

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I am Interested
Where can I ping u ??

Hi shivani…whould love to talk to you…please do ping me!

can you send me your mail

can you send me your mail !

It’s really great to see participants forming the team. :star_struck:
However, we would strongly suggest you share the sensitive information like email ID in the private message only.

can you help us how can we do private messages?
i am unable to find the option

Hey there guys, I am looking to be a part / form a team. Let’s Collab!


Can u 3 please check your personal message I have sent a message over there @shivani @Bhatvikrant @Aparajita_Paul
If not finding it kindly follow the steps
Click on the photo at the top which u kept as profile
Then click on the settings option
Go to drafts
U will find a drop down box click on it and select the option message u will find it

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hey ,i am rishitha
i am interested to work with u

Hi @Swaroop_Patil_S, I am also looking for a team to join. Will be happy to join you in your team, if you have vacancy. :smile:

Hey Aftab am also here in search of a team . Wanna team up???

Hey, I wish to add a new participant to my team how do I do so . Please elaborate the procedure to add a new teammate via email

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You can drop me a mail with your team member’s email ID at pratik@yellowmessenger.com

Yes I have replied on the thread to your invite mail

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