Hackathon - The way forward

Hello Hackers,

Game Master welcomes to the Game of Bots. Here’s what to expect next.

Our registrations are open until the 11th of September. Until then, you can:

  1. Introduce yourself to members of the community and fellow hackers here

  2. Check out our platform documentation and read our blog

During this hackathon, you’ll jump into the world of conversational AI. We’ll give you access to our platform and conduct a 10-hour training on conversational AI.

The training is scheduled at 5:30 pm from 14th Sept to 18th Sept. Further updates will be announced here

Once you’re master of Chatbot craft and conversational AI, the innovation challenge begins which will be from 21st Sept to 27th Sept. You can work on your project any time you want during this time period. Our team will be active on the community forum to help you out if you get stuck!

Want to know in which domain you can work upon? Here are the categories you can choose from:

To know more about this you can check out our website: https://yellowmessenger.com/the-game-of-bots/

If you’ve any friends who might be interested in Chatbots, what are you waiting for? Go ask them to apply because we’re closing registrations on the 11th of September.

Are you excited for this game of bots?

Let the game begin!

Please ask your query in appropriate threads:


Game Master aka YM Community Team


Hey, how do I add team members??


Please email pratik@yellowmessenger.com with details of your team members

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i can’t access the bot that was assigned for me first. The tool section test bot keeps on showing internal server error. Help me out

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A request has been sent to add another blank bot bot to your account. Looping in +Lokeshwaran K who can help you with the internal server issue.

In case you face further issues, please sign up with a new ID, you’ll receive a new bot token.

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Hello, I don’t know my team name. So, can I know my team name?

As per the database, your team name is “SmartBot”. :wink:

I dont have team either. Can I know my team name too?


The name of your team is AstroDreamer. Same as your username

Can we both make a team and go ahead? As I am the only person in my team.

Anyone ready to team up with me? Please reply this thread…