Having an error while fatching data from object data type variable

the return value is like this:- Name is [object Object]

@manglesh_yadav what former are you following to print the output in the text node

@manglesh_yadav I think it will not directly print entire object.
{{{variables.object_name.name}}} maybe this will work if the "name " key present in that “object_name” object.

The way you suggested it works but when using location node and variable location object type not printing the value using this {{{variable.location}}}

In location node we have different types of input taking like city, country, state, full address…etc. if I want to get city name from the location node, {{{variables.location_object_name.city}}},
if I want state {{{variables.location_object_name.state}}},
If I want full address {{{variables.location_object_name.fullAddress}}}. Maybe this will work out.

it’s working when the location node is taken, what if I stored the data in a database and then fetched data from the database…like this {{{variables.userdata.records.0.location}}} where userdata is variable to fetch the data from database…what I want is to retrieve only city from the location node not the full address from location.

{{{variables.userdata.records.0.location}}} this fetches the whole location node data. {{{variables.userdata.records.0.location**.city**}}} this doesn’t work…

If you want to fetch only city name, then while adding data to DB try storing only city name then fetch it from database. maybe this is easy or we can try fetch from location object also.