Unable to get Fullname from DatabaseOutput Variable

Hi team,

I am using a function to extract name from Database output stored in variable named “pk_tableOutput”

Please find the function code below:

  return new Promise(resolve => {
          let dbResponse = data.variables.pk_tableOutput;
          let user_name = dbResponse.records[0].fullname;

When I check back into the logs “data” : “records” is not coming.
Please help me.

Can you share a screenshot of the schema with the data to get an understanding of what we’re retrieving here

Database is below

I am searching in Database

Now using function to extract name from table output

storing in variable

want to use the variable here


dbResponse is an array with an object inside
you can avoid using records and just move into the first item within the array

Please try
let user_name = dbResponse[0].fullname;

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