How chat transcripts are stored?

I can see the chat transcripts in two places

  1. Studio → Conv. logs
  2. Insights → Data Explorer → Message Events

  1. Studio → Conv. logs list displaying the recent messages in old date log. The message I sent is logged under the data July 20th (old entry). On what criteria it logging messages from user.

  2. Insights → Data Explorer → Message Events displaying two entries. One with message type “BOT” and another one as “USER”. But both displays same information

Hi @senthil.vasan
1. Studio → Conv Logs
This gets updated every 24hrs, so we will not able able to view logs in real time. Any messages typed today (25th July) will only get updated at 9pm later tonight. So it is unlikely that you’re referring to the exact same message log that happened today.

Moreover, here
one conversation log = one session
one session = 30min on web / 24hrs on Whatsapp-IG

So if you’ve conversed with the bot on web 5 days ago, that conversation log would be different from the conversation you had yesterday as it is a different session. But for continuity purposes, if the messages have been sent from the same browser - we group it all as a single conv log, so as to get complete context of the conversation across multiple days.

2. Insights → Data Explorer → Message Events
We count every message as an event here. So every user response and bot response would be counted as an event.
Eg: If bot asks “What’s your name” and I reply “Gautham”
Both these messages are treated as individual events at the moment.

This table adds more value from a debugging perspective to see if bot response events are getting triggered at all as a response.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

2. Insights → Data Explorer → Message Events
Got it thanks.

1. Studio → Conv Logs

I messaged the WhatsApp bot last week and now today I’m messaging.
If 24hrs session means, it should log separately right? But its logging with July 20th conversation.

This is not happening. If you see the message, today message grouped under July 20th.

We are appending all conversations to the same logs so that as a business you can have all the necessary context of a single user’s messaging history under a single conversation log. So, though we get the data as separate sessions, you can review all conversations in a single log.

If in case it’s showing today’s conversation (25th) on 20th July, it’s because the session is getting identified as the same user who conversed with the bot on 20th July.

We’re iteratively improving on how sessions are handled in the logs, especially as you jump between Whatsapp and Web.

Let me know if you have any feedback on how you’d like these conversation logs to be. We’re always open to feedback :slight_smile:

If the date displays in the list view, displays last updated time of conversation, then it would be easy to see recently updated conversation. But here the date is when the new session created, that’s where the confusion I think.
Also option to filter by conversation date would also help.
Just a thought, ignore if irrelevant. Thanks for explaining :slight_smile:

Makes complete sense!!
To have both Last conversation date and Initial conversation date. We’ll brainstorm on this and see what we can do.

Filtering by date is already supported. Click on Filters → Date to select your range of choice

Let me know if you’re not able to see it in the UI for any reason.
Having your feedback in an open forum helps validate a lot of ideas. Feel free to keep sharing :smiley:

yes, I saw the date filter. But what is mean is we need another column Last conversation date.

Also the search is not working based on phone number.
Search by name work
But search by phone number not working.

Can you let me know what are the channels you have deployed your bot in?

Only WhatsApp channel we are implemented. Please check why search is not working based on phone number.