Need help with accessing values of the date time node


Need help with how to access the values for date & time stored under the date time node.

Data in the logs:

Tried variables.calendarDate.value and {{{variables.date_2.calendarDate}}}, didn’t work.
These worked:
But these didn’t :

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Hey @Sherina_Rajasekhar
You can refer to this guide to understand how the response of DateTime prompt is stored in a variable.
First make sure, you’re storing the response in object variable.

Also, make sure the selected widget type is Single Date and Time Picker

Following variable should work just fine with this widget type:

  • {{{}}}
  • {{{variables.date_2.value.month}}}
  • {{{variables.date_2.value.year}}}
  • {{{variables.date_2.value.hour}}}
  • {{{variables.date_2.value.minute}}}

Please feel free to reach out to me incase you face any issue.

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