How to add line feed (new line) on text message which stored in DB

In DB we have service center address. Need to display neatly. For example
Serice Center name
No: 999, street name,
City name,
State name, country

If we add \n, its working in Web Chatbot.
But in WhatsApp, its not formating, instead \n is getting displayed in WhatsApp.

Please guide on it.

Hi @Pratik, could you please help on this? how we can add linefeed in DB string fields?

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Sure @senthil.vasan!
You can use the %0a character to add a new line in a string while sending a message on WhatsApp channel.
Source: php - Create line break in WhatsApp message - Stack Overflow

In DB I have stored the details with %0a character.

But in WhatsApp new line not coming, instead that charater(%0a) is getting displayed.

Could you check and help how to add new line in WhatsApp?

Hi @senthil.vasan
Can you try using br html tag
Not sure but this might work.