newLine not working over the mail

Hi Team, Iam creating a chat transcript manually, for end of the line iam making use of “\n” for the new line.
it is working as expected when i tried to print in the web bot,
But when i try the same thing by sending the mail, its working (data not formatted).
cc: @Agilan_KS @SukhwinderSingh @Hitesh

Attaching the screenshots for the reference

Hi Bhavesh,

try using < br > for new line in email.

Hey @Bhavesh_G can you share the screenshoot of that message inside the mail prompt you are using.

HI @Jayesh_Rana iam passing the whole chat-transcript in the text format.
Also sending the sample text here.

BOT(2023-02-07T12:46:02.180Z) : undefined

User(2023-02-07T12:46:20.252Z) : 8073247262

BOT(2023-02-07T12:46:20.593Z) : Hey Sumeet, welcome back!

BOT(2023-02-07T12:46:22.736Z) : QUICK REPLIES:Please choose the category you’d like to explore!

OPTION 1:Terminal

OPTION 2:e-Commerce

OPTION 3:e-pay

OPTION 4:Value Added Services

User(2023-02-07T12:46:23.607Z) : terminal

BOT(2023-02-07T12:46:23.830Z) : QUICK REPLIES:Alright, so what would you like to do today?

OPTION 1:Live Chat

OPTION 2:Troubleshooting

OPTION 3:Becoming a merchant!

OPTION 4:Paper Rolls

OPTION 5:View More

OPTION 6:Go Back

User(2023-02-07T12:46:24.845Z) : troubleshooting

BOT(2023-02-07T12:46:25.251Z) : QUICK REPLIES:I’ve got you! would you like to upload an image of your issue, or choose from a list?

OPTION 1:Upload Image!

OPTION 2:Pick My Issue

OPTION 3:Live Chat

OPTION 4:Go to Main Menu

OPTION 5:Go Back

User(2023-02-07T12:46:26.245Z) : pick my issue

BOT(2023-02-07T12:46:26.630Z) : QUICK REPLIES:Okay, please pick your error message from the options below. Remember, you can also type in the name of your option!

OPTION 1:Uninitialize

OPTION 2:Check-in Required

OPTION 3:Connection Fail

OPTION 4:Live Chat

OPTION 5:View More

OPTION 6:Go Back

User(2023-02-07T12:46:27.682Z) : uninitialize

BOT(2023-02-07T12:46:28.000Z) : If your terminal is uninitialized, press * on the terminal to switch mode to CREDIT or e-pay (Reload).

BOT(2023-02-07T12:46:28.026Z) : QUICK REPLIES:Has the issue been resolved? :wink:



OPTION 3:Live Chat

OPTION 4:Go Back

User(2023-02-07T12:46:30.114Z) : yes

BOT(2023-02-07T12:46:30.466Z) : We’re glad we were able to help you resolve your issue!:blush:

BOT(2023-02-07T12:46:32.506Z) : QUICK REPLIES:Now, what would you like to do next?

OPTION 1:Live Chat

OPTION 2:Go to Main Menu

OPTION 3:End Chat

User(2023-02-07T12:46:33.452Z) : end chat

BOT(2023-02-07T12:46:33.847Z) : QUICK REPLIES:Before you leave, please rate your conversational experience with me!

OPTION 1:Excellent!


OPTION 3:Average


User(2023-02-07T12:46:35.146Z) : excellent

BOT(2023-02-07T12:46:35.482Z) : Wonderful! I had a great time talking to you as well.

BOT(2023-02-07T12:46:35.505Z) : Thank you for the feedback, and have a great day!

BOT(2023-02-07T12:46:35.570Z) : QUICK REPLIES:Would you want to share the chat in Email?



User(2023-02-07T12:46:37.636Z) : yes

BOT(2023-02-07T12:46:37.890Z) : Please share your email address.

User(2023-02-07T12:46:43.323Z) :

Sorry i didnt get you, Can you please me with more info.

try using < br > for new line in email @Bhavesh_G

No its not working @Harshin_Balaji

Hey @Bhavesh_G share the screenshot of the platform where you are using send email prompt.

Hi @Jayesh_Rana , this is the outbound screenshot, hope you are requested for the same