How to display one acknowledgment for multiple files upload in whatsapp

for one of the Whatsapp bot we need to provide an option to upload multiple files and we need to store every file in dB after that we need to display one acknowledgment message. when I try it .it is gives acknowledgment for every file

Hey @Mounika_Reddy you can use File Prompt Node and use a variables and that variable will capture the CDN link of the file and then you can store that link in the database.

hey @Jayesh_Rana currently i am doing that only but issue is with multiple files

@Mounika_Reddy you are trying to upload 2-3 files in one messageā€¦??

Yes @Jayesh_Rana 2-3 files in one message

@Mounika_Reddy Then I believe it is not possible.

Okay @Jayesh_Rana Thanks for the details please check here