How to use store comment node for WA channel

Hi Team,

I want to use a prompt node that will not trigger NLU. ‘Store Comment’ node was recommended for the same. However, Store comment node is not enabled for WA channel. So, please suggest an alternative.

I need to capture user’s input on WA channel and not trigger NLU. What prompt node should I use and how do I configure the same. Thanks.

Hi Prathap,
Store comment node is enabled on WhatsApp channel as well,
Can you elaborate on the issue you are facing using that node?

Hi Sakshi,

I’m trying to capture user response in a store comment node and display it further in another text node. The store comment node is not getting populated at all.

Hey, @Prathap_P_S to display the response that is stored in the comment node you have to type the variable in the step-like {{{variables.variable_name}}}

@Jayesh_Rana Problem is i’m not able to populate the store comment node in WA channel. Not sure what I’m missing out on .