Notification flow - not sticking to the journey

When I trigger a notification campaign, the user replied by selecting the quick reply button. I have a flow triggered (quick-reply-event). The flow is getting triggered fine, so in the flow I have a question and take input from the user. Once the user inputs, the flow is not continuing instead it is switching to home/fallback flow. I put the flow in sticky flow and that didnt help too. What can be done to stick to the journey once user inputs.

What is the input you’re asking from the user?

If you’re using the Question node, can you try using the Store Comment node and save the value in a string.

Currently, the user input is getting identified as an intent and is triggering the home flow. Our docs on Tools will give you an idea of how you can test if a specific response is leading to an intent or not.

Let me know if this worked for you or not.

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I checked tools it was taking as intent and calling home flow. The Store comment node worked. So going forward for all the inputs that i need from the user I ll have to go with store comment instead of question node right? Appreciate your quick reply.

Yea it would be a safer option to not trigger the intent. If at any point you observe user behaviour where the store comment is also triggering an intent, please come back to this thread.


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I see a problem with store comment node, like for user once the notification is sent. The first time it is displaying the question in store comment. since it is in dev phase I ll have to try and test multiple times. The next time I send notification to same user, it is not displaying the store comment it is taking some default empty value and proceeding. When the next steps fail I am redirecting to store comment again. Then it is displaying store comment. Not sure if I am able to explain the problem