Is it possible to do a verification action through emails? Just like the OTP but it would work with emails instead cell phones numbers

I would like to explore the most convenient method for using the customer validadion code in order to let them sign in at the bot flow.

I saw that there are the Outbound Notification Node and the Notification Status Node. Which we can use emails, sms, whatsapp, etc…

But could we use some nodes like those above or maybe other types of nodes in order to expect an answer with the same code or a “clik to validate” email answering from the user? If so, what would be the best practice to do it?

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Emails can be done with a code
You can write a function to generate a random string character and pass it into an email template as a variable

Then send the email notification with the variable.
if delivered - ask user to enter character code and verify

Click to verify is not possible at the moment I guess

Perfect! Thank you!!!

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How would be this function? Could you help me please?

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