Email based outbound notification from a bot flow

In case of a web bot where the user is interacting and for a fallback scenario where if a query could not be answered by the bot then they want to submit their query which will be later answered by a human agent. Here the agents are not available in the Inbox module (No Inbox module since customer does not want agent licenses) so whenever a new query is entered it will be sent to a specific Support email id as an outbound notification which they can review and then respond.

  1. Is it possible to have the same Support email ID configured in the channels section as a Sender and the same email ID could also be a receiver ?
  2. Since in the email notification mail there will be some dynamic variables like Customer name, customer email id and the query asked. Any limitation on the char limits of variables ?
  3. Along with the support email ID. Can we also include the customer’s email id collected in the bot flow ?
  4. If the support agent replies via that Support email account (Not Inbox module since customer does not want agent licenses) so that will remain like a normal one-to-one email conversation or any restriction there ?
  1. This should be possible, you just need to configure same recipient ID as Sender.
  2. I don’t think we have any character limits for variables.
  3. Yes, you can make use of CC and BCC.
  4. Once the email goes out, any communication that happens outside Yellow will be just like any email thread.