Need to know if we can change the WebHook API to a third Party API

Hey team,

BAJAJ Auto Finance wants to send the WA notifications to its customer and they are using a API curl request to obtain the message ID.
They need to use the webhook api to get the status of the notification – “Read”, “Delivered” etc.
To get the status, they need to constantly call the webhook api to get the status, leading to overheads on server.
Requirement – YM to call BFL api (similar to Webhook) to update the status of the notification as and when they receive the updated status.

Let me know how do we do this.

Hi @Vishakha_K ,

You can use the latest V2 Notification API to send the messages and configure a Webhook which can receive the delivery updates in real time. There is no need to call any API to get the status as it will be pushed to the clients webhook.

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