Not able to initiate bot flow

I have created a bot flow, with start defined via intent. I have trained the utterances in the intent, the intent being a user typing “Absolutely”.
The bot works fine in preview, but doesn’t work on WhatsApp. How do I solve this?

hi @Virok_Sharma
From Welcome message, Web will trigger journey automatically.
The same is not the case for Whatsapp. In Whatsapp, you have to type the utterance to trigger the desired flow.
Also please make sure that the intent is mapped with the journey start.

Hey, the intent is mapped with journey start.
Flow I have planned:

  1. Will send a campaign asking user to respond “absolutely” which I use as intent
  2. Once user types “absolutely”, flow will be triggered since I have identified it as start event.

Problem: After step 1, when user types absolutely, flow is not triggered.

One hypothesis I have basis which I think it is not working: there is a flow execution defined as a global welcome message.

Could that be preventing it?