Outside working hours in App platform

How can we check if agents are outside working hours on app platform? What event or data will be received?


HI @Shraeyas ,
This is the response after raising the ticket from app. (deleted few properties as it was unnecesssary)

    "tags": [],
    "responded": false,
    "ticketType": "livechat",
    "ticketCsatScore": null,
    "agentCsatScore": null,
    "comments": [],
    "assignedByAdmin": false,
    "manualAssignment": false,
    "lastAgentMessageTime": null,
    "lastUserMessageTime": null,
    "lastBotMessageTime": null,
    "userActiveStatus": null,
    "agentActiveStatus": null,
    "replyCount": 0,
    "userReplyCount": 0,
    "voiceCall": false,
    "sipCall": false,
    "agentCurrentHandlingTicketsCount": 0,
    "timestamp": "2022-12-13T13:34:37.196Z",
    "reassignmentLog": [],
    "lastMessageTime": 1670938477196,
    "collaborators": [],
    "status": "OPEN",
    "openedTime": "2022-12-13T13:34:37.208Z",
    "createdAt": "2022-12-13T13:34:37.209Z",
    "updatedAt": "2022-12-13T13:34:37.209Z",
    "__v": 0

As you can see

 "status": "OPEN",

this is coming for agent outside working hours.
For inside, it comes as assigned.
Plus it depends on how you configure your agent and ticket settings. IT can come as missed as well.
So you can check from status.

Hope it helps

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@Subhrajit_Gupta This comes as β€œOPEN” even if we are in working hours and the platform is not open.

In cloud, we can add the working hours condition inside a condition node. Is there an equivalent of that on app?

Hi @Shraeyas ,
From app itself in support section, you can switch to the cloud and enable all the events the cloud provides for inbox.
I’m not seeing agents-outside-working-hours for the same.
I guess you need to debug the same and check if you get those events back or not.
If not you can raise ticket for the same.

@Sandeep_Rajaram Can you please help us with this?

Hey @Shraeyas , Can you explain what do you mean by β€œto check if agents are outside working hours on app platform”? Do you mean the agents or the tickets?

We don’t have working hours condition node equivalent in app.ym. So if you are looking to differentiate whether a ticket was raised outside or within the working hours, you will have to use the following workaround;

Whenever a chat ticket is raised with no agents online, it will be captured as β€œOPEN” status, be it within the set working hours or outside. As you can see from the ticket response attached by @Subhrajit_Gupta in this thread, there is a key value pair called β€œopenedTime”. Now you can use this time to compare and understand if this OPEN chat ticket was raised within working hours or outside working hours. You could also use β€œcreatedTime” depending upon your usecase

Let me know if my understand is correct. If not, pls explain the use case you are trying to solve in detail.