Platform level capabilities - Engage

A customer requires these information:

  • Flooding filter( a user should not get a communication again from the WhatsApp account for 7 days)
  • Need a detailed report like the one attached with the info on clicks as well on a t+2 day level
  • The dashboard for the account reflects the health of the WhatsApp number ( green, amber, red)
  • Ability to maintain a dynamic negation list(customer can type ‘Stop’ to be unsubscribed, and the said customer to be excluded from all Airtel communication)
  • Need a daily status report on the templates which has the template health for all the campaigns
  • Campaign Editing abilities – ability to pause an ongoing campaign, and cancel a scheduled campaign

They are using Infobip currently. Would like to migrate if we provide the above capabilities.

Do we support these?
The call is at 4 pm hence we need confirmations on the above pointers before that

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Hi Mihika,
For Point number 3 - In Channels, Under Whatsapp Channel we can see the status of the number. PFA

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Please follow the guidelines to the community

  1. Avoid tagging specific users
  2. Do not mention the customer name as there are privacy concerns that can be raised (I have removed the name for now)

Flooding Filter: We don’t provide this out of the box. There are potential workarounds
Notification Reports: Can be automated from the Data Explorer to a select Audience in given frequencies
Account health: Is present in the above answer by Harshin
Template health: is available on the clients FBM. No such report exists out of the box
Campaign editing abilities: All the above are possible