Reactive notification agent 24hours flagging

Hi Inbox team,
Is there any feature to deactivate this feature from our backend? or
Is there any option which particular agent have option to enable this feature?

Background of this request/use case:
My Customer want to keep initiate chat from agent after 24hr whatsapp policy only for specific agent. But, if all agents will enable this feature, they worry “Their Business Initiate Cost” will flood.

Please let me know, for other suggestion to implement this request. Thanks

@Andika_Januarianto No this cannot be selectively deactivated for agents. Please ask them to train their agents to not send templates if they don’t wish to do it.

Well noted bro @Ashwin_Vedachalam ,
If so, is there any item Report to capture any message from Agent reach out to customers?

@Andika_Januarianto There is currently no report to capture this.

@Ashwin_Vedachalam Ok, if currently no report
How can we differentiate if they will send campaign over engage and send notification over agent?
Because, this case related with the billing in terms of WhatsApp charges.
Please advise

@Andika_Januarianto The Inbox feature is billed similar to an engage notifications. It will be counted along with all the campaign notifications.

Bro @Ashwin_Vedachalam
My Customer wants to get separately billing between Outbound from agent(Inbox) and Outbound from engage for campaign. If there is no feature to get detail reporting for Reachout from agent inbox. I have to create new request at least to get additional item for that. Thanks

@Andika_Januarianto Please check with the channels team regarding the feasibility for this. @Sandeep_Rajaram FYI