Popup over the chat widget

How can I enable this sort of animation/prompt from my bot?
It drives 3x more users into my funnel than without the prompt.


Hey @gautham
The component referred to is called Intro message which was available in V1 widget.
You can make use of Conversational Layover for V2 widget which is available in Chat widget settings page.

Differences b/n Intro message (old), and Conversational layover (new):

  1. IM - Desktop and Mobile | CL Desktop only
  2. IM contains the latest message | CL contains only welcome message
  3. IM pops-up even if bot is closed | CL goes away once you interact w/ the bot
  4. IM only contains message | CL contains components as well
  5. IM is clickable but not interactive | CL is clickable and user selection is preserved

Both have their own strengths and weaknesses but, both were designed to increase conversion and generate more leads. If client feels they get 3X more leads w/ Intro message, we should definitely provide what they need. We will think on how to improve CL, bring in IM for V2, or build something new.

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