Intro Message feature in cloud bot

Is this intro message feature available in the cloud bot?
Its there in the app bot under general settings but not in Cloud Bot.
Ref Img -
Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 12.32.19 PM

Hey @Nihar_Sandeep_More
Follow the below steps.
This is now powered by Inbound Engage.
Engage β†’ Inbound β†’ Create Campaign β†’ Chat auto pop-up.
On the desktop, the bot will fully open. On mobile, a pop-up will be displayed.


Thanks @Jayesh_Rana for the steps.
Is there any option by which only just the above β€œHelp?” message appears over the bot but the bot does not auto pop up in cloud?

@Nihar_Sandeep_More as Jayesh mentioned, bot will auto open on desktop. It will display nudge/pop-up message on mobile