How do we add Pop up message in the cloud bot

How do we add the pop up message in the bot icon, when the bot is on cloud platform.

Sample Screenshot for reference:

cc @Robin

We cannot implement this from the bot level. You have to raise a ticket for this.

This is now powered by Inbound Engage.
Engage → Inbound → Create Campaign → Chat auto pop-up.
On desktop, bot will fully open. On mobile, a pop-up will be displayed.

Hey, @akshay_bhat what if the Enagage needs account upgrade or don’t have have the access to Inbound Engage because of the current subscription.

Thank you @Jayesh_Rana

Thank you @akshay_bhat

@Jayesh_Rana This is now a paid feature. You can request for account upgrade to access it.

Got it, @akshay_bhat.