Proof for Phone number in WABA BM verification

At the time of WABA BM verification, what document can be uploaded for Proof of phone number?

The list of documents eligible for BM Verification can be found here: Redirecting...

This is a different case here wherein the official number they use has been banned by WABA due to policy violation.
They have created a new WABA with a new number as the previous one has been blocked. What can be done in this case as the phone number on all their official docs is the previous one?

BM is asking for proof to show the attached phone number is linked to the business

The phone number verification required is for the Official Business Phone number and not the WABA Number. you can upload the phone bill or any other info for this.

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Unable to find an option to reupload the docs once the verification is failed. How to proceed here? @Wasim_Laskar

Hi @Rijo_Jacob , Option to reupload will be present in the client’s Business Manager Account.

It will be under the Security Centre option.

@Wasim_Laskar the verification failed even though the postpaid bill was uploaded. Kindly suggest how to proceed.

Hi Rijo,

Kindly check the Legal Business Name, Address and Phone number are matching the details present in Postpaid Bill

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