Need to add functionality of notifications for live agent

Need to know if we can enable the notification functionality in live agent module in app Bot. Customer is having Integration with Freshchat. If any user is connected with live agent and is away for a while, they should get a notification of the message they got from live agent.

@Vishakha_K You can set up notifications in Settings.
Refer following documentation: Set up Chat widget |

Will it work even though message from the fresh chat agent or it will work only for the yellow inbox.

@akshay_bhat customer reported this while they modified the settings. They were just receiving the sound but a notification. Do we have a solution for that ?

@Atharshan_Shriram_MD this works only for Yellow Inbox

@Vishakha_K Are you saying the sound is played for 3rd party inbox but, notification badge )on bot icon) is not showing up?

@akshay_bhat Yes… they are just receiving a sound, but no as such notification. Is it because they are having Freshchat integration ?

Have you enabled Notification badge in settings?

@akshay_bhat yes they did

@Vishakha_K Please raise a ticket on jira with screen recording, and steps to reproduce the issue. We will have it addressed.