Query regarding whatsapp on asking users for opt out

Hi Team

We are receiving one query from the clients.
The query is, taking opt out consent with the notifications is ethical accordingly to whatsapp guidelines?
Please let me know some inputs on this.


Greetings Ajeet,

You cannot take opt-out consent from the user with a notification? However, you can do this only if the user had already given the brand consent(opted-in) to receive notifications/communications and then the brand sends a notification for Opt-out. But there also needs to be other avenues open and accessible if the user wants to opt-out in the future. Notifications cannot be the only route.

If it’s a first time notification(without opt-in) to opt0out… then it will not fall under their guidelines.


@Wasim_Laskar Can you confirm the above?

  1. whatsapp opt out/in guidelines/method ?
  2. is it okay to send a notification to a user who has not done the opt in yet ?
  3. what is the logic to downgrade the number ?
  4. if the number gets low rating, then how to transition to new number, improve the quality of the existing number?
  1. Get Opt-in - WhatsApp Business Platform - Documentation - Meta for Developers
  2. Not advised. It is against the WhatsApp guidelines to send notifications to users who haven’t opted-in.
  3. Quality Rating and Messaging Limits - WhatsApp Business Platform - Documentation - Meta for Developers
  4. If the number gets a low rating, it’s better to understand the plausible reasons behind it. Is it because the brand is sending notifications for users who haven’t provided consent? Is it because the notifications are too frequent? Is it because the notifications are irrelevant etc., . You can take respective measure to ensure your quality doesn’t degrade further.
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hi @Saurabh_Kumar
request you to follow up with @wasim on this.


Greetings Ajeet,

Can you help me with the query for which you need Wasim’s response? With respect to opt-in and opt-out consent, Wasim has confirmed the same.

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Hello @Saurabh_Kumar @Wasim_Laskar

I have two follow up questions on similar lines.

a) If the number is going to be/getting blocked, then will the bot be also getting blocked? Meaning, on that number will the bot remain active?

b) If number is having low rating, will the bot still work on that number?
Please respond me on these queries as soon as possible as need to respond to clients.

Follow up question

c) When the WA. Number has the status of Flagged on facebook business manager, then will the bot still respond to user query?

Hey Ajeey,

Please find the response to your follow-up queries below:

a) If the number is blocked by Meta, this means that no one can message that number/bot will receive the messages
b) If the number has low rating, the bot will still work on that number.
c) Yes.

@Wasim_Laskar can you confirm point (a)