Tracking and Whitelisting Opt Outs

Client want to explore adding opt out to the WhatsApp campaigns.

Do we need to add this as a button or a simple text message at end of template content. Which is the best option?
Also, what is the best keyword which needs to appear on the opt out button/text? Is it opt out or unsubscribe?
Will the contacts opting out will be maintained with the date of opting out?
Yes, we check in this section. Is this correct?

For the Optout option on WhatsApp, it’s best to use a button or a simple text message at the end of the template content. A button might be more visually noticeable and user-friendly.

You can use “Opt Out” or “Unsubscribe” to keep it straightforward and easy to understand.

There is no dashboard to check when a user has opted out. However, you can see this in the userUpdate event.

Hey Harsha,

How do I setup for the user to be automatically opted out if they reply STOP to a message?

Do I set it up as an intent in a Studio Flow?

  1. Add a stop button or a similar user interaction point in the bot’s conversation flow such as a “Stop” or a button with the label "Unsubscribe, use intent to trigger in case of text input.
  2. Update the whatsAppOptin status to False.
  3. Include only opted-in users when sending out campaigns