Redirect a user to an external url


I would like to find out how I can redirect a conversation to an external website without using a button or a quick reply.

This bot will be used on a website.

Please see the image below



We do not support redirection without an action from the end user.

You will have to either

  • Share the link in a text message
  • Add the link to the button. On click of the quick-reply button, the page will redirect.

I have use case, where the same process is required , but i need to pass variable/values from bot that will act as dynamic query parameters onbutton click in the bot , this redirects to the webpage. Till this process it is doable. But how to auto fill the webpage filter for ex: fields like Source and destination of a airline webpage, with the values that passed as query parameters inthe webpage.


if you have a sample parent link eg: “
You can write a function to append UTM_Source/Campaign etc and use bot variables directly in the function node

To call a variable that’s already in the bot flow inside a function, follow the format — {{{data.variablName}}}

We can directly use the Link configuration in the Quick replies button right bcoz I have configured the url with bot variables .

Can you tell me whether this can auto fill the fields in the webpage as below?

@Nikhitha if your bot is a web based bot - this link based redirect would work

Can you give share a sample URL with the From and To populated. I can suggest accordingly

Yes, the bot is webbased bot. Currently there is no sample url,but want to check the feasibility of the auto filling the filters in webpage when user clicks on a button in the bot which has url link with values/variables as parameters.